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    Dedicated Support

    If have any questions regarding applications, requirements or any other related to your admissions, we are just a message away. You can use our live chat service, our Q&A service or can email as anytime. We try to reply to your questions as soon as possible


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    Profile Designing

    Having a well-designed  Curriculum Vitae, Experience letter,  Research Project Abstracts can make lots of difference in your university admissions. It is the first impression that you make and can have a lasting impact. That’s why our Profile Designing Services offer a specialized experience for getting your work done right.

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    Focused Programs Search

    If you want us to dedicatedly look for academic programs, positions, potentials supervisors matching your profile and interests, do let us know. We have huge experience and dedicated team, who understands your profile and have expertise in searching for academic programs, researchers (prospective supervisors) accordingly.


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    Application Guidance


    Searching current programs available in your field of Interest.

    We continuously search academic programs of various fields for bachelors, masters, doctorate and post doctorate levels as per the profile and interests of registered students at our websites.

    You can register your profile and interests at our website. After registration we will examine your profile very carefully for eligibility and requirements for various academic programs. After discussing your options and our services with you, we continuously search programs for you, currently open in the universities around the world. You can see those programs after login directly in your application management dashboard.

    Please note that searching programs can take lots of efforts and time, therefore number of programs available can vary time to time, be patient while we search and update you. Also please send us your detailed CV @ to make search specific to your profile.

    To help aspiring students with the admissions, we offer following services.

    Guidance in the application process

    Applying with a right approach is as important as finding the right academic programs. To increase your chances of getting admission in your dream programs and universities, in this service we will match right programs to your profile and guide you in making your applications competitive by working with you on the following points

    –  checking the suitability of the program as per your profile

    – area of focus and interests of the  program faculty members

    – eligibility and requirements for the application

    –   applications steps

    –  preparation of the important documents for the application such CV,  experience/ research,  motivation, interests letter etc

    –  establishing contact with the program coordinator and potential prospective supervisor

    –  organization of the application

    –  scholarship applications

    – interview preparation

    We work for applications of All Universities to ensure that only those institutions are applied to that are in the best interest of the student and best suited to his/her profile.

    Scholarship Guidance

    Globalization and everybody’s presence on the internet have brought lots of opportunities just a click away and among those, student scholarship are abundant. Many top universities in the world, spending huge amount of money in the form of scholarships or financial aids or no tuition fee courses to attract good student from all over the world to pursue higher studies at their university.  You just have to aware of these opportunities and to apply on right time with right approach.

    Like any other university admission application, scholarship applications should also be researched properly and thus be applied in right manner.

    We have very high success rate in helping deserving students gets admission with scholarship.



    SARV Group is in the nature of a service industry. It simply provides information and guidance to aspiring candidates in application process for higher studies. It does not guarantee in any way to provide admissions and does not take the responsibility of universities or institutes after or before the admission of the candidate. Information provided in these services is collected from various other sources, SARV Group is not responsible in any case regarding authenticity of the information provided, it is the sole responsibility of the users to check the authenticity of that information.

    IELTS/Spoken English


    IELTS (International English Language Testing System), is the most popular test worldwide. Annually millions of people take this test to fulfill their requirements in their respective fields: study, work.

    At SARV Group, we have well trained professional staff for IELTS. On the first day, we conduct a mock test to know where a  student stands. After the mock is taken and the scores are given, we start with the teaching sessions. During the training, we guide the students,  providing all the details and knowledge one requires to appear for IELTS. We make the students practice a sufficient number of tests. After classroom sessions are over, we conduct mock tests simulating the testing conditions.

    Salient features of training for IELTS at SARV Group

    Teaching pedagogy involving a very strong focus on building language, reasoning skills in all the areas of IELTS, guiding students with an approach towards different types of questions, and giving sufficient practice.

    • 30 hours of comprehensive classroom training for IELTS.
    • Small Batch Sizes (Maximum 10 students per batch).
    • Personalized attention.
    • 10 full-length paper-based tests for IELTS.
    • A sufficient number of sections based tests.
    • Three free application guidance for universities chosen by the candidate.
    • Special PG facilities for students from cities other than Solan (Himachal Pradesh).

    Duration of the course: 4 Weeks

    Spoken English Course:

    English has become the necessity of today’s competitive  world. So to get along with this demanding world, one is suppose to have such fluency and understanding of this language that he/she can easily communicate with others. In this direction SARV Group is there to put you in the required environment, where you find yourself at ease to use English as like your first language. With the tailor based approach, students can gain the confidence and knowledge which enables him to use English comfortably.

    Salient features of training for SPOKEN ENGLISH

    • Interactive Sessions
    • Individualized Attention.
    • Grammer Sessions
    • Smart Classes
    • Audio Video Training
    • Group Discussion/ Speaking topics.

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